Maria Gabriela de Faria



2016 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (US) – Favorite Latin Star

2016 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Colombia) – Favorite Actress “Yo Soy Franky” – WINNER

2016  “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Colombia) – Favorite Series “Yo Soy Franky” – WINNER

2015  “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Mexico) – Favorite Star

2013 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Mexico) – Favorite Villain – Mia “Grachi” WINNER

2012 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Mexico) – Favorite Villain – Mia “Grachi”

2012 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Brasil) – Favorite Villain – Mia “Grachi”

2010 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Mexico) – Favorite Female Character – “Isa TK+” WINNER

2010 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Mexico) – Favorite Look

2010 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Brasil) – Favorite Actress -“Isa TKM” WINNER

2009 “Kid’s Choice Awards” (Brasil) – Gata do Ano

2007 “Mara de Oro” (Venezuela) – Young Actress of the Year WINNER

2006 “2 Gold” – Young Actress of the Year for “Túkiti, Crecí de Una” – WINNER



2018 “Deadly Class” [starring role “Maria”] Image Comics/Sony/SyFy

2017  “Sitiados 2” [starring role “Zaita”] Fox TeleColombia

2016  “Plan V” [film, starring role “Fernanda”]  Televisa Cine

2015  “Pacifico” [film, starring role “Erica”] Sinema S.A.

2014-16  “Yo Soy Franky!” [starring role “Franky”] Nickelodeon

2013 “La Virgen de la Calle” [starring role “Juana”] RTI/Televisa

2013 “Road Run” [film, English, starring role “Olivia”] Conflict Pictures

2013 “Grachi 3” [starring role “Mia”] Nickelodeon

2012 “El Paseo 2” [film, starring role “Natalia”]

2012 “Grachi 2” [starring role “Mia”] Nickelodeon

2010 “Isa TK+” [starring role “Isa”] Sony / Nickelodeon

2009 Host MTV Latin America Awards Pre-Show (with Reinaldo Zavarce)

2008 “Isa TKM”  [starring role “Isa”] Sony / Nickelodeon

2007 “Toda una Dama” [role of Helena] RCTV

2006-2007 “Túkiti, Crecí de Una” [role of Wendy] RCTV

2005 “Ser Bonita No Basta” [role of Andreína] RCTV

2003 “La Señora de Cárdenas” 2002 “Trapos Intimos” [role of

Marife] RCTV



Golden (beverage) (2009)

Ponds (for Latin America) (2008)



P-9 (Guest vocal, in English. Release 2013 TBD, Sony Music Intl. )

Grachi “Season 2” (2012) EMI, Warner Bros.

Isa TKM “La fiesta va a Empezar” (2009) Sony Music.

Isa TK+ “Sigue a tu Corazón” (2009) Sony Music


Isa TKM had the #1 album in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia and a top 10 in Argentina. The group has won

numerous awards, and presented a very successful tour “Isa TKM: The Party’s Gonna Start.” The huge impact of

the tour and telenovela surprised the actors, producers and directors, having started as a typical soap opera. “Grachi

– El Show En Vivo!” is currently on a hugely successful live concert tour throughout LatAm.


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Maria Gabriela de Faria at IMDB